Monday, June 23, 2014

Undiscovered App #76: 7 sevens - A Puzzle That'll Hook You

7 sevens
Well, there goes an hour of my time. And if you're not careful, you too could suddenly wonder where the time just went.

Today's Undiscovered App is called 7 Sevens, and when I first looked at it, it kind of looked like a game involving a Tetris board, but you use single blocks instead, and with numbers on it, 1 through 7. Your objective is to drop a series of single blocks down onto the board, and when you match the numbers, the blocks get eliminated.

The twist is, you have to match two #2 blocks and place them adjacent to each other before they get cleared, and three #3 blocks, four #4 blocks, and so forth, until you have to line up seven #7 blocks before they get eliminated. To add to the puzzle, you get grey blocks that just sit there and don't disintegrate unless they're adjacent to an eliminated cluster.

The blocks that you get next are random, and you have the opportunity to set one aside and swap it back and forth to help with your strategy. Knock enough blocks off, and you progress to the next level, which is pretty much the same as before, except you get a handful of random blocks raining down on you that pile on your existing blocks to start you at the next level.

Confused yet? These screen shots might help.

iPhone Screenshot 2iPhone Screenshot 3

The game is terribly simple and complex at the same time, and that's what's dangerous about it. If you download this, you will be pleased. 7 Sevens has an average rating of 5 stars from 346 ratings, and is available to download for $0.99. It's so good, we are awarding it our June Undiscovered App of the Month.

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