Thursday, May 15, 2014

Undiscovered App #71: Just Fly - An Undercover Hit

Just Fly
If you grew up on Atari consoles and old IBM PC's, then you know just how much graphics have improved over the past few decades. So many games look so good nowadays that it's hard to judge by the box or the screen shots whether something is fun to play or not. More often than not, a lot of games tend to be a disappointment, hiding crappy gameplay or mechanics behind a polished exterior, kind of like that really good looking guy or girl who ends up having a pretty crummy personality. Yeah, we've all been there.

But what if you came across the opposite, where you meet this person who's kind of plain looking, but has this really awesome personality and turns out to be a lot of fun to hang around? Yeah, that's the kind of game we love finding, and that's what today's Undiscovered App is all about.

Just Fly, by James Maher, is one such game. It's not a looker, and you'd never guess by looking at the app icon or the screen shots what the game is going to be like. When I came across it, I thought, "Hmm. You're a bird. Flying around, trying to avoid other birds. Okay, I'm flying... oh wait, there's a power-up that just popped up. A lightning bolt? I wonder what it does..."

(presses button.. and multiple bolts of electricity fry the enemy birds)

That's when it got a lot more interesting. As I kept flying around and dodging more enemy birds that spawned, more power ups came, each with a different power (there are a total of seven), like a meteor that blows everything up within a close radius, a storm cloud that zaps enemy birds with electricity, or even a teleporter that moves you anywhere on the arena you want to go. The objective is to survive as long as you can while killing as many enemy birds as you can, all while grabbing power ups that help you do the latter. You get bonuses for going on huge kill streaks, and the longer you survive, the more enemies eventually spawn, and if you're good, that means there's more enemies on the screen you can kill.

iPhone Screenshot 4

iPhone Screenshot 5

There's something about the combination of all these elements that really made this stand out, and we liked it so much that we're designating Just Fly as the Undiscovered App of the Month. And what's nice is the app is free to download. There's an unobtrusive ad that shows up at the end of the game and an ability to upgrade for $0.99 that gives you all of the following: access to extra power ups, an extra slot for power ups to use later, and faster spawning of power ups. And there's Game Center integration so you can see how well you rank against other players.

It currently doesn't have enough ratings on iTunes to have an average rating, so we're definitely in Undiscovered territory, but don't let that deter you. Go get it. It's free, it's fun, and we think it's a great game to play, if you can look past the graphics.
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