Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Undiscovered App #60: Super Battle - Rock, Paper, Scissors

Everyone knows that the only way to settle a dispute is through Rock, Paper, Scissors. Today's Undiscovered App, called Super Battle by JAK Pixels House, takes you back to your more youthful days and lets you play the classic game, but with a small twist: you start out as a Warrior, and you have to defeat a succession of opponents: a Skeleton, a clone of yourself (in this case, a Warrior), a Ninja, and a Samurai, with each enemy getting more powerful as you advance.

By beating everyone, you can advance your character and move up the chain and become a Skeleton, Ninja, and a Samurai, and in turn, you yourself can become more powerful and take more damage until you're wiped out.

iPhone Screenshot 2iPhone Screenshot 4

The game is easy to play, and also quite easy to win. But in the meantime, you'll enjoy some great graphics, fun music, and the occasional cliff hanger where you can't take anymore hits and you're that close to winning your battle.

Super Battle is a fun diversion, and is quite undiscovered, with only two ratings at 5 stars. It's currently available to download for $0.99.

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