Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Undiscovered App #59: Love Quote PRO - Be Your Own Inspiration

Love Quote PRO
You've seen all those motivational posters and images around the web with cool and witty quotes. Well, if you've ever wanted to join in and lift someone's spirit or just make them laugh by putting in something inappropriate, today's Undiscovered App might be worth a look.

It's called Love Quote PRO, and it lets you take a picture from your phone's camera roll (or use some high quality pre-existing ones) and superimpose a quote on it. You can make up your own or use some pre-existing quotes from different categories. You can also change the font size, color, alignment, and you can even apply some cool filters to give it an Instagram-like effect. Once you're done, you can save it to your camera roll or share it instantly via text message, email, or social media. It does leave a watermark on it, though, that says "lovequoteapp.com" -- it would be nice to have a feature to keep that off for a future version.

iPhone Screenshot 3iPhone Screenshot 2

Overall, it was very easy and enjoyable to use. If you're into sending something sentimental, the upcoming Valentine's Day might just be the perfect time to use it. It has no ratings yet, so we're really going into undiscovered territory here. The best thing about it is that it's free to download.

Amazon.com: because today is a great day to finally order that stuff sitting in your shopping cart!

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