Monday, January 27, 2014

Undiscovered App #57: King of Math

King of Math

Long-time readers know that I have an affinity for math apps. Well, if you're a math fan, you're in luck, because today's Undiscovered App, called King of Math by OddRobo, is probably the best discovery I've made in the math genre for its sheer brilliance in how it applies simple mathematical questions in ways that really make you think.

Take the number 7, for example. How would you come up with that number using simple arithmetic procedures? One way could be "4 + 3" while another could be "5 + x = 12", or another way could be "17 ? 10 = 7" (with the question mark "?" prompting you to enter an operation like plus (+), minus (-), multiply (*), or divide ( / ). King of Math hits you in all different ways. This quote about the game probably says it best:

"As a lifetime mathematician and a math tutor and teacher of over 20 years this is one of the most engaging ways to review math skills that I have ever seen."

To add to that, there is a leveling feature where you start as a mere Peasant, and successfully completing the math problems gets you to level up your character to Blacksmith, Merchant, and so forth, all the way up to King. It's a cool element that brings to mind the role playing game concept. Speaking of role playing games, the music is fabulous, and probably could have been found in a role playing game.

iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 3

iPhone Screenshot 4iPhone Screenshot 5

Here are the different ways it'll challenge your skills:

- Addition
- Subtraction
- Multiplication
- Division
- Arithmetic
- Geometry
- Fractions
- Powers
- Statistics
- Equations

If you're not into math, don't be scared. The mathematics level is about Middle School/Junior High School. King of Math is simply one of the best educational type apps I've come across. It is currently available to download for $1.99. Over 3,000 ratings have given it a 4.5 star average.  And if you want to dip your toes in the water, there's a free version with a limited number of questions that you can download. In any case, this should be a required download. It's that good.


As you can tell, we liked King of Math so much that we contacted OddRobo to see if they would be kind enough to give a few extra promo codes for our readers. They responded generously and gave the following codes for download:


As a reminder, it takes many hours of effort to build a polished app like this, so as a courtesy, for those of you who redeem a code, please consider passing the word on to a friend about the game, or leave a review on the App Store (promo code downloads can't be reviewed, but if you download the Free version you will be able to), or you can check out OddRobo's other apps, like King of Math Junior and Math Formulas.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Undiscovered App #56: Flyro - A Solid Endless Runner

Here's a great action game I came across: it's called Flyro by Brute Farce, and it deserved an honorable mention here given how well it was put together, from the opening trailer, to the music, the fluidity and ease of the controls, and overall fun the game provided.

Here's how the story starts:

The evil Moustermind froze your your beautiful tourist island, and you're out to seek revenge as a bird with super powers that lets you turn into a fireball mid-flight. Along the way, you have to avoid traps, giant boxing gloves, electric moving hallways, and other obstacles. Sometimes you can burn right through obstacles in fireball mode, other times you can push around a giant ball of flame that destroys your enemies on the screen.

And if you fail, get ready for the endless number of funny insults you'll get from the Moustermind. The objective is to get as far as you can before crashing or blowing up, and Game Center integration makes sure you and your friends get to compete with each other, or see how you stack against others around the world.

Check out the gameplay trailer:

Flyro is one of the more impressive apps we've come across that has successfully executed on many fronts, and we highly recommend it. It is currently available to download for $0.99. It has an average rating of 4.5 stars from over 160 ratings.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Undiscovered App #55: Flash Reader - A Speed Reading Tool

Flash ReaderI have always envied those people who could read super fast and finish entire novels in hours. For me, it takes many days, and often, weeks. That's why I was happy to run across today's Undiscovered App from Didstopia. It's called Flash Reader, and what it does is break up large paragraphs into single words, and it runs them all by you in a flash, one by one, at a speed that you can adjust. Somehow, even though it goes at a pace faster than I'm used to when reading, I'm finding I'm able to catch the entire word and entire sentences without any loss of comprehension. With enough practice, I've found my reading speed on my iPad has gradually increased, which for me proved the app's effectiveness.

You could practice with any text you can find on your phone; you can highlight and copy large amounts of text to your clipboard, and it'll feed it into the Flash Reader and run it by word for word, or you can use the embedded browser and surf like you normally do, and if you run across large amounts of text, you can press a button and it'll automatically run the Flash Reader for you. You can customize it many ways, including words per minute (WPM), words per flash, fonts and font sizes, to make it just right for you. You can also get a custom email address where you can email articles that sync directly with the app.

iPhone Screenshot 3iPhone Screenshot 4

Flash Reader has an average rating of 3.5 stars out of 49 ratings. It is currently available to download for $1.99. If you've ever wanted to increase your reading speed, Flash Reader is a great app to try out.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Undiscovered App #54: Symmetrain - Spot the Difference

Back in the good old days when people actually read newspapers, there was always a little section around the comics pages that had two very similar pictures, and the objective was to find the differences between the two.

Today's Undiscovered App,  Symmetrain by Black Pants Studio, is a fresh take on the concept. Instead of a static picture, you're on a train -- eight different trains, actually, with its own speeds and routes, and as you ride through the scenery, you simply tap the differences. You're allowed a certain number of mistakes with each level, and if you mess up too much, game over. If you catch them all, you're given extra lives for the next stage, and then it goes faster. If it gets too fast, you're given the ability to slow the train down for a few extra seconds, but you only have a few opportunities to do so, so make the most of it.

The graphics have a hand-drawn look to them, in a manner like Bizarro, if you ever read that comic. There's some nice guitar work for background music too. Check out the trailer:

Symmetrain is super easy to jump into, and can easily be enjoyed by any age group. It has an average rating of 4.5 stars from 58 reviews, and is currently available to download for $0.99. iPad and iPhone users alike will enjoy this Universal app, and is perfect for those moments when you've got a few minutes of down time.

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