Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Undiscovered App #40: Lift - Socially Supported Goal Setting

LiftHow many times have you ever tried to create a well-intentioned habit, only to have it fail after a couple days or weeks? If you've ever wanted to be more consistent with say, flossing your teeth, or exercise, or reading, we found an app that you might like.

Today's Undiscovered App is called Lift (check out the website), and the idea is to have you achieve your goals in the company of others who are trying to do the same, whether it's a friend or another person out in the internet. Studies show that when you're trying to achieve goals, there is nothing more effective than doing it with a friend.

If I had to generalize, Lift is kind of like a Facebook / Twitter for goals. You can see what other people are doing through a feed that's relevant to your specific goal, see their comments, post comments of your own, and you can even give them a "Prop" (their version of "Like"). And if there's someone who motivates you, you can follow them. There's a calendar that shows you what days you hit your goals, and once you start working on them more consistently, you start getting Streaks and Milestones to give you some added motivation.

Lift screen shots

It was fairly simple to use and understand, and best of all, Lift is free to download. It has an average rating of 4.5 stars from 474 reviews. Give it a try; your life might just improve in some little way.

(By the way, ever since I got this flosser,the number of times I've actually flossed has doubled. I hate that stringy stuff, and wrapping it around my fingers and jamming it in my mouth is always cumbersome since I have big hands. Try it, you'll thank me.)

____________________________________________________________ because today is a great day to finally order that stuff sitting in your shopping cart!

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