Sunday, August 4, 2013

Undiscovered App #30: Blueprint 3D - Zen Bound with a Twist

Blueprint 3DDoes anyone remember that ground-breaking game some years ago called Zen Bound or its improved sequel Zen Bound 2? The objective of the game was to rotate an object in such a way that you eventually cover it up completely with a coiled rope. It had nice music and created a type of  mood and atmosphere that helped you escape whatever it was on your mind to just let you focus on doing one simple task.

FDG Entertainment has taken the rotation concept and twisted it further to give you a different challenge with Blueprint 3D. They delve into the concept of anamorphic art, the kind of art that you can only see at a certain angle. Here's a good example of anamorphic art:

See how it only works when everything is at the correct angle? That's kind of like how Blueprint 3D works. You need to rotate the object in a way that makes the lines show up to create the image. Here are some screen shots to give you an idea of how it works.

Give Blueprint 3D a try. It's currently free as of this moment, and it's a nice change of pace from the typical games we often see. It has an average rating of 5 stars from thousands of reviews. It's that good.

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