Friday, July 26, 2013

Undiscovered App #29: Manifesto - An Instant-On Camera

ManifestoAnyone who has ever wanted to record a precious moment on your iPhone will appreciate today's Undiscovered App from Dorian Postevca. It's called Manifesto, and it does just one thing really well: it records the moment you open the app (actually it does two things: you can record either a video, or just in audio).

Think of all the times you tried recording something, but were delayed by the slow load time of Apple's camera app: once you opened it, you had to switch the camera to record video, then you had to press the record button. By then, a good five seconds have already passed, and if you didn't accidentally take a picture (you know you've done it) the moment you've been wanting to record has already happened. I don't know how many times that has happened to me, but thanks to Manifesto, that problem is now history.

There is only one drawback I've found: it doesn't let you switch to the front facing camera. If you can live with that, then you're good to go.

Check out the video on how the app works:

It's that simple. Manifesto is usually $1.99 to download, but thanks to the good people at AppAdvice's Apps Gone Free promotion, it is free as of this moment. If you miss out, you'll kick yourself, so download this one immediately. It has an average rating of 5 stars from 28 reviews.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Undiscovered App #28: TabFinder - Now Anyone Can Play Guitar

C'mon, admit it - you've always wanted to play guitar. I mean a real one, not Guitar Hero. But the problem a lot of people have, myself included, is that I don't know how to read music. And I wasn't born with musical talent either, so it's probably too late for me. But, there's this cool app from PDM Systems called TabFinder that helps bridge the gap between the skills you need and the skills you don't have: it helps you find pretty much any song imaginable on the guitar, and it displays the notes in guitar tab format so you know where to put your fingers (and where not to). It's all laid out in a way that mimics the guitar fret board, so there's no need to understand musical notes. Just place your fingers like so and strum, and you're done. It's really that simple.

I found the TabFinder search engine to be intuitive and very easy to use, and it was far better going through the app than searching on the web, since web results often led to spammy sites filled with an overwhelming number of ads. Doing a guitar tab search for, say, Metallica gave me Nothing Else Matters, plus the option of viewing 17 different versions, followed by an endless list of their other songs in order of decreasing popularity (I stopped counting at 50 since it kept showing more results). Their database is huge, and it currently has over 700,000 songs. There's a good chance you'll find whatever you're looking for in there.

TabFinder screen shots

This is a very well-made and easy to use app, and anyone who's ever been curious about playing the guitar will find it to be a useful companion. TabFinder is a Universal app, and it is available for $0.99 on iTunes. It has 203 reviews so far, with an average rating of 4.5 stars. Get it, and maybe soon you'll have a chance to become a real Guitar Hero.

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Undiscovered App #27: Arranger - A Fun Retro Mashup

Today's Undiscovered App is a little bit on the hard-to-fit category. Arranger, by Arman Bohn, is kind of like that old school game, King's Quest, but in a musical context, and during your adventures, you're thrust into more than 25 mini-games, many unrelated to each other, all while trying to collect items, fight bosses, and complete quests and solve problems. Little games like Simon are interspersed within the app, while other mini games require more hand-eye coordination, and others, spatial manipulation. It's an odd mishmash of surprisingly satisfying games when you complete them, and the best part is, it's stitched together into one app with a fun little story line.

Being retro-themed, the graphics are pretty awful, and it takes a person who grew up on early IBM-PC games that booted up through DOS to get a full appreciation of the work here. But don't let that stop you. I downloaded it out of curiosity, and after deciding to play with it for five minutes just to get a feel for it, I found myself in a little time warp and didn't look up until an hour had passed. It's that engaging in a quirky kind of way. And the music is great.

Arranger screen shots

Arranger has been quietly well received, with an average rating of 4.5 stars from 26 reviews, and can be downloaded for $0.99. This is one of the better retro-themed apps out there, and if you like RPGs or adventure games, or even better yet, having a ton of mini games all rolled into one, this is one worth downloading.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Undiscovered App #26: Double Player - Music For Two

Double PlayerThe next time you find yourself on a long trip with friends, family, or just someone you really like, you might find today's Undiscovered App from SKYLAB to be the perfect companion. Double Player is a cool little app that does one thing really well: it splits your earphones in two, so you can play two songs simultaneously, one song in the left ear bud, and a different song in the right ear bud. That means with one iOS device, you can have two people enjoy your entire music library.

You can pick by Playlist, Artist, Song, or Album, just like how you do now, and you can Repeat, go to the Next Track (but there's no Previous Track), or Stop. And if you're curious about what your companion is listening to, there's a cool little feature too where you can both swap songs while it's in mid-play.

Double Player screen shots

Double Player has an average rating of 4 stars from 170 reviews and can be downloaded for $0.99. Add this to one of your must-haves the next time you're on a long drive or flight.

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Undiscovered App #25: Mind Blitz - Card Matching With A Twist

Mind Blitz
Today's Undiscovered App is a  fun, family-friendly classic game that will exercise your mental muscles.

Mind Blitz is a card matching game from Reuben's Apps, but it's not like your ordinary memory game. This one has achievements, power ups, penalty cards, and even Game Center integration to give you some competition with your fellow iOS gamers. Oh, and there's a timer (which you can disable) to give you an added sense of urgency to your card matching mission.

How well you play affects your future games, since you're able to buy Power up cards with the points you've earned. These cards can do things like give you extra time, reveal all the cards momentarily, tip you off to where the matching card is, or double the points you score for the remainder of the round. As you progress through even more rounds, the challenge increases as Penalty cards are introduced. You can lose valuable seconds, get all the face down cards reshuffled, or get the dreaded Reset Card, which will start you all over, but without adding any extra time to the clock.

Mind Blitz has been well-received during its short history. It is rated 4.5 stars out of 30 reviews, and this Universal app is currently available to download for $1.99. It's a perfect game for when you have a few extra minutes to kill and want to play a quick and fun brain exercising game. The graphics are sleek, the interface is smooth, and overall, very well made. Definitely worth a download.

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