Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Undiscovered APPS #14 1/2: GeoFlight USA and GeoFlight Canada


When it comes to education, there's no better way to learn than when it's made into a game. That's what today's Undiscovered Apps do from TopoMonkey with GeoFlight USA HD and GeoFlight Canada HD.

I admit, I was a bit of a nerd back when I was in middle school. I loved studying for geography tests, but now that many, many years have passed, I'm at a loss when it comes to pointing out where Wyoming is on the map.

That's where these two apps come in. GeoFlight reframes the geography question in an enjoyable game format. You control an airplane that flies across the country, and when the app asks you to identify a state (or a province), you guide your little plane to the part of the map and it flies there. When you reach the correct target, the state icon lights up and you move on to the next state. The process continues with no time limit in Practice Mode until you're ready to move on to the Timerace Mode, where you are given a time limit but are given extra time for each correct guess and a penalty when you ask the game for a hint. There's also a Multiple Choice section where you can do essentially the same functions, but without the plane flying around.

GeoFlight USA screen shots

You can test your knowledge of the States (or Provinces), its Capitals, or its Big Cities.

I gave both GeoFlight USA and GeoFlight Canada a try and found it to be a very enjoyable experience on my iPad. The larger screen makes seeing the map easier, and for smaller locations, the extra size helps when you're pointing with a fat finger like me. The controls are responsive and easy to use, and the app made me feel like I was playing a game rather than trying to memorize a map. The good news from all of this: I'm once again able to point out where Wyoming is on the map.

GeoFlight comes in many varieties, each customized for its respective country, and it comes in both iPhone ($1.99) and iPad ($2.99) formats. There is also a free Lite version of GeoFlight USA HD  that lets you play with just the States, with in-app purchases unlocking the Capitals and Big Cities modes. Check out the TopoMonkey website  for links to all the different versions:


From an educational standpoint, GeoFlight USA and GeoFlight Canada get our highest marks for combining play with learning. If you have kids that are interested in geography or need some help in preparation for that test, or if you're a grownup that just needs some brushing up with geography, we highly recommend these apps for a download.


When we found out about GeoFlight, we contacted TopoMonkey and asked if they would be willing to give our readers some extra promo codes to check out their apps. They responded kindly and gave the following codes for our US and Canadian readers:

Here are 3 promo codes for GeoFlight USA HD for iPad:


Here are 3 promo codes for GeoFlight Canada HD for iPad:


If you enjoyed using their apps, please consider passing the word on to a friend, or even better, a school teacher who uses technology in the classroom to aid in learning. Or you visit their website to see what other creative apps they've come up with.

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