Monday, May 27, 2013

Undiscovered App #19: BlindSide - Play With Your Eyes Closed

If you read enough App Store descriptions, you'll notice the word "unique" gets tossed around quite often. Unfortunately, the labels end up being more marketing fluff than substance, so it's nice when I actually do come across a game with an approach that I've never seen before.

Today's Undiscovered App was actually funded through Kickstarter (check out the project here), and creators Aaron Rasmussen and Michael Astolfi deserve some praise for changing the focus of a game from what you see to what you hear. BlindSide pulls it off quite nicely with its opening premise: something mysterious happened, and you wake up to find that you and others around you are now blind.

What would you do if you couldn't rely on your eyes anymore? The game immerses you into its world by requiring the use of your earphones, and it opens with a very good tutorial to help you navigate through and acclimate quickly to your new environment. There are no graphics save for a main home screen that lets you move forward and backward, plus a button to help remind you of your current task.

BlindSide screen shots
This is all you see when you're playing.

Everything that you do will require you to listen carefully for audio clues, and closing your eyes not only will sharpen your senses, but it will also make you feel like you are literally in the game. The app will also require you to physically turn left and right in order to turn your in-game character left and right, so make sure you have a little space when playing this.

Check out the trailer...

...then download this one immediately. BlindSide is available for download for $2.99. It has an average rating of 4 stars from 54 reviews.

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