Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Undiscovered App #18: Lost Treasures of Infocom

The Lost Treasures of InfocomOh wow. I grew up on Infocom games, way back before games even had graphics. For most of you, today's Undiscovered App will seem arcane, but for the few who lived through the old days, The Lost Treasures of Infocom will make your day.

Here's a quick description of the app:

Enter the world of master storytellers. Before there were state-of-the-art consoles, tablets and PCs capable of amazing graphics, gamers had to use their imagination and wit, to solve intricate puzzles and progress through these text-only adventure gaming classics.

The Lost Treasures of Infocom brings these classic works of interactive fiction to life for the first time on iPad, Phone & iPod Touch. This definitive collection of 27 adventure games spanning fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, horror & more, places you in the center of immersive, richly-detailed interactive worlds full of interesting locations, engaging puzzles & surprising twists & turns. You’re more than just a passive reader as you engage directly with the story by typing actions through your keyboard. Use your imagination to come up with creative solutions to puzzles with multiple solutions as you progress through each adventure and bring these stories to life!

Check out the entire list of games you can get (via In-App Purchase):

• A Mind Forever Voyaging
• Ballyhoo
• Border Zone
• Cutthroats
• Deadline
• Enchanter
• Hollywood Hijinx
• Infidel
• Leather Goddess of Phobos
• The Lurking Horror
• Moonmist
• Planetfall
• Plundered Hearts
• Seastalker
• Sorcerer
• Spellbreaker
• Starcross
• Stationfall
• Suspect
• Suspended: A Cryogenic Nightmare
• The Witness
• Trinity
• Wishbringer
• Zork 1: The Great Underground Empire (FREE with free initial download)
• Zork 2 : The Wizard of Frobozz
• Zork 3 : The Dungeon Master
• Zork: The Undiscovered Underground (bonus game for purchasing the Complete Collection)

The Lost Treasures of Infocom screen shots

You get to see the images of the original boxes and Zork 1 with the free download. To get the rest, you can purchase five bundle packs with 5 games each for $2.99 per pack, or get all the games for $9.99. Invisiclues are another $0.99, but one purchase gets you all the clues for all the games. It sure beats having to look for it on the web and playing it on an emulator. Now you can bring all 27 games wherever you go with your iPhone or iPad.

The Lost Treasures of Infocom has an average rating of 4.5 stars from 70 reviews. Get it now and lock yourself up in a room.

____________________________________________________________ because today is a great day to finally order that stuff sitting in your shopping cart!


  1. Lock myself up in a room? And get eaten by a grue?

  2. You could always FROTZ the grue :)