Monday, April 8, 2013

Undiscovered App #3: Pangolin

PangolinToday's Undiscovered App is from FeedTank, and it's called Pangolin (Free with IAPs). It got Casual Gameplay's 2012 Mobile Arcade Game of the Year, and has the following description:

Pangolin is a physics-based arcade game that turns the classic platformer on it's head. Instead of controlling the character, you control the platforms.

I tried the demo levels (the first 10 levels are free, and there's 40 more that can be purchased through IAPs, plus extra "shots" if you need extra help finishing a level) and found it to be like a reverse form of Angry Birds - instead of controlling the main character, you set up little trampolines underneath it to bounce from, and the objective is to reach the bullseye on the other side of the ever-changing game map on each level. It has a very good in-game tutorial, and I found the controls very easy to learn. Along the way, there are coins and gems to collect, and spikes to avoid.

Undiscovered App screenshots of Pangolin

Keeping all these objectives in mind is what keeps the game interesting and fun. Each level can be finished in under a minute, and it's perfect for those few moments when you have a minute or two to kill, and you don't need something very in-depth. It has an average of 4.5 stars  over 260 ratings. I give this 5/5 stars given the combination of originality, art, and creativity in the concept. I can see the potential for this being very Angry Birds-like, but for now, it really has gone unnoticed.

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