Thursday, April 4, 2013

Undiscovered App #2: Guardian Saga

Guardian SagaToday's Undiscovered App from 9th Bit Games is something that was previously discovered but then got lost. Kind of like an archaeological artifact, it got lost in the desert sands of time, and we here took our handy brushes and rubbed off a bit of the past to rediscover a gem.

Guardian Saga was released over two years ago, a lifetime ago in the iOS timeline. Think of it in dog years, except maybe 1 year = 10 years, so this is pretty old. To add to that, it's a retro-style RPG / adventure game, much in the style of Ultima (one of my favorite games of all time) but even more striking is its resemblance to Dragon Warrior.

Here's the storyline:

The Guardians - the great beasts created by the Gods of old to protect mankind from evil – have suddenly fallen quiet. Evil creatures once again roam the lands, and the entire Kingdom is thrown into chaos! As the greatest of the King's warriors you must venture forth and discover what has befallen the great Guardians and help restore peace.

Undiscovered App screenshots of Guardian Saga

If you were ever a fan of old school top-down RPGs before graphics accelerators were invented and 3-D first-person shooters became mainstream, this is worth a look. It'll bring you back to a simpler time of hacking away and healing, taking notes on paper to keep it all together, and simple inventory management. Plus it has an enjoyable story to keep the flow of the game moving along evenly.

Guardian Saga is a Universal app that currently goes for $1.99, but it occasionally flips back and forth to $0.99 every six months. Over the past two years, it has accumulated a 4.5 star rating from over 400 reviews. The masses can't be wrong with this one.

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