Thursday, April 11, 2013

Undiscovered App #5: Animator

AnimatorDo you remember back in school how you would draw little stick figures on the edges of a book and then animate it by flipping the pages quickly? Well with today's Undiscovered App, you can relive your school days by creating little flip books on your iPhone.

Animator by JBrown is a simple flip book app that gets the job done well. I downloaded it and within minutes was able to create my own little animation of a worm wiggling its way up and down the page without the use of any detailed instructions. It has all the basic things you need from a drawing app, including changing colors, brush size, and undo, plus you can quickly add to your animation by flipping to the next page, where you'll see in lighter shading the previous page's drawing, so you can trace right over it or make variations for the next scene. There's also a Duplicate function that copies the previous drawing and brings it intact on the next page to save loads of time recreating your drawing. Saved flip books can be quickly posted to Facebook, emailed, or saved to your camera roll. In addition, you can add music from your song library to make your animation more lively.

Click to see screenshots of Animator
Perhaps the biggest negative for the app is its aesthetic appeal. Yes, the app icon could use improvement, and the buttons and fonts could benefit from a more polished set of options. But if you can see through that, you'll find an enjoyable app that is easy to understand and use and is the least bit intimidating. We found other flip book apps with much more polish and a vast number of features added, but their complexity detracted from the overall experience and resulted in more negative ratings from users. We opted for one that was easy to use and quick to jump into, and this fit the bill remarkably well.

Animator has an average rating of 4.5 stars from 170 reviews. There is a Paid version and a Free version available for download. We recommend adding this family-friendly app to your library.

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