Saturday, September 6, 2014

Undiscovered App #85: Hack Run

Hack Run
If you're a fan of the good old text adventure games like Zork, here's one that might be worth looking into. In Hack Run, you get to play the role of a hacker who has infiltrated a company's computer systems in order to find out what the company's motivations are. Plus, while you're at it, you can pick up some on some secrets that the employees are hiding.

Navigating through the game will require a little bit of remembering how DOS prompts work.  Thankfully, there's a handy menu you can quickly access to teach you what phrasing you should use to navigate through the computer systems, and if you ever get stuck, there a hint system to help you out as well.

iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 4

Graphics are pretty non-existent, of course, and but that's part of what makes it fun.

If you're up for something different, give Hack Run a try. It is available to download for $1.99 and has an average rating of 4.5 stars from 2,650 reviews. It's that good.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Undiscovered App #84: Ready, Steady, Play

Ready, Steady, Play
As a follow-up the well-received Ready, Steady, Bang, Cowboy Games has come up with another great app called Ready, Steady, Play. It has that same retro graphics style set upon a grey scale look, but this time, you've got three different games to play: Shooting Gallery, Hobby Hurdles, and Coin Shooter.

In the Shooting Gallery, you need to shoot as many bad guys as possible before they shoot you. You get a few seconds after each bad guy appears to tap and shoot them, but be careful for the occasional damsel who comes into view, because shooting her will penalize you. You'll need to swipe to reload your six shooter, and if you don't manage the timing well enough, you could be toast.

iPhone Screenshot 2

For Hobby Hurdles, you have an endless runner type of game where you have to jump over chasms, cacti, and other obstacles, and the farther you can go, the higher your score.

iPhone Screenshot 4

And in the Coin Shooter, you have to keep shooting a coin in the air to keep it airborne, but every once in a while a new coin tosser will come into the picture to make your challenge more difficult by giving you an extra coin to shoot. Shoot the tosser fast enough, and you'll be saved from having to deal with an extra coin.

iPhone Screenshot 5

Ready, Steady, Play is an awesome Undiscovered App and is definitely worth a download. It is currently available for $1.99, and has an average rating of 5 stars from 81 reviews.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Undiscovered App #83: Bio Inc - Personalized Plague

Bio Inc
Remember Plague? Yeah, that one where your job is to eliminate humanity by evolving a deadly, global disease while adapting against everything humanity can do to defend itself. Now imagine that on a micro level, where your objective now turns to just a single patient.

That's the focus of today's Undiscovered App. Bio Inc. - Biomedical Plague, by DryGin Studios, pits you against the defenses of one human and its immune system, where the race is on to collapse the individual's respiratory, circulatory, nervous, and other various systems before doctors can save him. Your weapons are over 100 biomedical conditions that weaken each pillar, like Obesity, Hypertension, Asthma, Lung Cancer, or pretty much any medical malady you can think of (Lupus, anyone?), plus you have the ability to slow down the patient's recovery by hijacking the medical support system (cause a misdiagnosis, get hospital staff to go on strike, etc.).

iPhone Screenshot 3

iPhone Screenshot 4

iPhone Screenshot 5

Time moves quickly, with each day being only around 15 seconds or so, and while you're trying to infect and weaken the patient, the recovery system is working to undo all your hard work. Take too long, and a medical miracle will occur, bringing the patient back to 100% health and ending the game. The game is not easy (there are three difficulty levels, and I played it on Medium), and it took a few tries, some being *this* close before losing, before I finally got the hang of it.

Check out the trailer:

Bio Inc. will not only thrill you, but educate you as well about the human body and the medical factors that can lead to our own maladies. It is currently available to download for $1.99, and has an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 55 ratings. Definitely a worthwhile download. Be one of the earliest ones to grab it before it goes viral (ahem).


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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Undiscovered App #82: Stop the Knights - Play the Bad Guy

Stop the Knights
It's fun to play the Bad Guy every once in a while. And it's if you've played a bunch of RPGs and happen to like Plants vs. Zombies, then you're in for a special treat, since with today's Undiscovered App, you get to play the role of the monsters that fight off a bunch of heroic knights in Stop the Knights.

Like PvZ, you get to spawn your defenses after you generate enough energy, and the longer you wait, the more powerful the monster you get to use. The trick is trying to balance the time required to generate the monster with the number of knights that come attacking. Plus, like PvZ, you have different aisles to defend (in this case, two), so you need to manage your resources carefully.

Check out the trailer:

There are 20 levels, each more challenging than the previous one, but in return, you get to unlock more powerful bad guys that can deal some damage. We loved Stop the Knights, and recommend it highly for tower defense fans. It has an average rating of 4 stars from 92 reviews, and is currently free to download.


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Friday, August 1, 2014

Undiscovered App #81: Sky Aces - Fun Retro Flyer

Sky Aces
It's World War I (known back then as just The Great War), and you're an ace given the task of helping your allies defeat the Bad Guys. Your mission, should you accept it, is to take out enemy bases, shoot down other airplanes, defend your own bases, and a host of other missions.

Sky Aces, by Game Dev Team, is what today's Undiscovered App is all about. Since this is WWI we're talking about, color TV hadn't been invented yet, so you get a stylish black & white environment to work with, in a retro side-scroller format. The controls are easy to learn, with up/down arrows, machine gun and bomb buttons right on the display. Plus with successful missions, which get progressively more difficult, you get the opportunity to upgrade your planes to faster and more damage tolerant models.

iPhone Screenshot 5iPhone Screenshot 1

Sky Aces is one of our more favorite hidden gems in the app store. It has an average rating of 4.5 stars from 148 reviews, and is available to download for $0.99. There's also a free version that has fewer missions, so if you want to give it a test drive, go for it.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Undiscovered App #80: Best Decision - Quantify Pros and Cons

Best Decision / iTunes Link
We've all been there: we want to decide between doing A or B, or even C, but can't quite decide which of the choices is the best one to take. Well if you've ever been told to make a list of pros and cons to help you decide, today's Undiscovered App helps facilitate just that. Best Decision by Lukasz Kowalski is a simple little decision engine that lets you enter the type of decision you've been pondering, then provides you an opportunity to present the choices and the factors that matter most to you that you can rate on a scale of 1 - 5.

Here are some screen shots to give you an idea of the interface. The one small drawback I noticed is that it doesn't have autocorrect for when you're typing out the question, which may or may not be a good thing.

iPhone Screenshot 4iPhone Screenshot 5

So for an example, you could have the following question:

* What should I eat for dinner?

The options you could put down might be:

* Go out to Olive Garden
* Order Domino's Pizza
* Cook dinner

And then the key factors that matter could be:

* Cost
* Time Saved
* Yumminess
* Healthiness

...and then depending on how you rate the four factors above, it'll give you the one with the highest cumulative score. Easy as that. The great thing is that we often don't often give precise weightings to our decisions, and this lets you settle those questions you've got based on those subtle differences. Give Best Decision a try, and see if it helps you with any big decisions you've been asking yourself. It's available to download for $1.99, and it has an average rating of 5 stars from 36 reviews.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Undiscovered App #79: Reverser - Make Your Movies In Reverse

Reverser / iTunes Link
Remember many years ago that Coldplay song called The Scientist that had an awesome video that was recorded backwards? Well if you've ever wondered how to record something backwards, today's your lucky today. Today's Undiscovered App, called Reverser, does exactly that.

It's super simple to use. It accesses your video library, asks you which one to reverse, and with a simple tap, the video can be reversed in either slow motion, normal speed, or fast motion. Not only does it reverse the video, but it also reverses the audio, so get ready to hear some interesting audio during playback.

iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 2

Reverser is available to download for $0.99 and has an average rating of 4.5 stars from 79 reviews. Definitely worth the download for the laughs you can get out of it and the novelty alone.

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